Drop-In Turbocharger Performance Upgrades

Niama-Reisser, LLC supplies a variety of turbocharger upgrade parts. They range from billet compressor impellers, to stainless steel turbine housings.


What makes our turbo performance upgrade parts so affordable, is the fact that you can upgrade them yourself, in your garage, following our specific installation instructions and using ordinary hand-tools found at Sears of Lowe's.


We have billet compressor impeller upgrades for Garrett GTX 2860R, GTX 3071R, GTX 3076R, GT 4202R & Holset HX82 and Borg Warner 478.


We have ceramic ball bearing cartridge upgrade / replacement kits for the NON-Serviceable Garrett GTX 3071R, GTX 3076R  & GT4202R turbochargers.  


In addition to OEM turbocharge upgrades, we also carry compressor impeller upgrades for "Off-Brand" Turbochargers mostly used in Ford Mustang, Corvette and Chevrolet LS turbo kits.

Optimized Performance Billet Compressor Impellers

Mustang and Chevy LS Compressor Impeller Upgrade

Our 84 and 86 mm Billet Compressor Impellers are intended for aftermarket, as well as our NR Brand X1 Turbocharger.


These impellers are optimized in Blade Geometry, Inducer Diameter, Hub Cross-Section, Mass, Blade Count/Pattern, & Tip Height.


View the comparison between our 84 mm billet and the competitions' 78 mm inducer diameter cast impeller!  

Subaru STI / Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. / Nissan GTR / Nissan 370Z / Ford Focus 2.0 L

We are coming out with NR Drop-In Billet compressor impellers for a variety of engines and models. To insure that every impeller fits perfectly, the OEM turbine shaft, diffusor and compressor cover housing are scanned using white light technology.


What sets us apart from the competition is that we design each and every impeller for a specific application or turbo.


Most of our competitors don't model compressor impellers from scratch. They are very limited in what they can do. For instance, most companies in the industry don't fully reverse engineer the compressor impeller. They merely scan one blade (or two), the hub bottom contour and compressor cover contour. 


From there, they morph or scale that single blade, or in the case of inducer exducer blades, the two blades, to fit a larger or smaller compressor cover. Some just merely extend the same blade in the tip region, as this illustration shows. 

Garrett GTX Compressor Impeller Comparison
Garrett Stock and Aftermarket Comparison

The GTX 3582 and GTX 3076 Garrett compressor impellers have been completely reverse engineered by us. In case of STOCK OEM and AFTERMARKET IMPELLERS, you can easily spot the AFTERMARKET IMPELLERS. They look almost identical in design (general shape of the blade, etc.), yet the blades are extended in the tip area (see dotted red circle). These modifications are fairly easy in comparison to 100% custom, optimized geometries.

GTX Billet Compressor Impeller Upgrade
Garrett Stock and Aftermarket Comparison

The GTX 3582 and GTX 3076 Garrett compressor impellers have been completely reverse engineered by us. We actually reverse engineered a solid model of each (not just surfaces), which included the balancing marks on the GTX 3076 compressor impeller (see dotted area).

Garrett Ceramic Ball Bearing Cartridge Rebuild Kit

The shown ceramic ball bearing cartridge comes as a 6 piece assembly. The cartridge fits a Garrett GT4202R CHRA. It is designed for HEAVY DUTY applications.

Requires boring out CHRA housing.

Instructions come included.

Stock Garrett CHRA
Garrett CHRA Stock Ceramic Bearing Cartridge

Above and below, the non replaceable CHRA assembly of any Garrett ceramic ball bearing turbocharger.  

Turbo Bearing Cartridge Assembly
Inner Races of Stock Garrett Bearing Assembly

Replacing your Garrett GT style ceramic ball bearing cartridges is impossible, since Garrett doesn't offer any parts. However, we have a variety of high speed ceramic ball bearing cartridge kits that enable you to rebuild GT style turbochargers. 

That is why cheap, knock-off imitation turbochargers with ceramic ball bearing cartridges fail:

You can see the spring between the outer most ceramic bearing to the right and the pressure plate pushing against the inner most bearing to the left (bearing not shown). If this type of CHEAP turbo boosts beyond the stock gasoline max pressures of 8-16 psi, the spring will allow for movement of the Turbine shaft--the axial end-play of the shaft is affected. This in turn at loading and surging of the compressor, can cause the compressor impeller to touch the compressor cover or the turbine respectively the turbine housing. 


Lastly, you cannot buy good quality ceramic ball bearings for less than $ 200.00 / piece (size dependent). Ceramic ball bearings costing only $ 80.00/piece is a failure to happen.


Why do CHEAP aftermarket turbo manufacturers use springs?

Because they cannot hold tolerances at their price point and with their CNC machinery and staff.


For that reason GARRETT does not use springs! See below in red dotted circle (inner races shown only!).

Garrett GT4202R Turbo
Garrett GT4202R Turbine and CHRA Bearing Cartridge

More To Come --Soon

Fuel Efficiency for Industrial Turbocharging  

CAT C15 & Cummins QSX / ISX 15

CAT and Cummins unparalleled power by using the HX 82 Holset turbocharger as an atmospheric turbo in conjunction with our NR Optimizer HX82 Billet compressor impeller.


This dual stage turbo system in line with a Borg Warner 478 manifold turbo, reduces manifold temperatures by over 150 degrees and increases peak boost by 15 PSI.


The overall system increases fuel economy, performance, engine life (reduced heat under full load), as well as CLUTCH and transmission wear, due to drivers not having to downshift as much. 

Holset HX82 Turbo on Caterpillar C15
Caterpillar C15 Dual Charge System

The picture above shows a dual charge system installed on a C15 CAT truck engine. 

The dotted circle indicates the atmospheric Holset HX82 turbo.

QSK 78 Cummins 

Our NR Optimizer HX82 Billet Compressor Impeller is ideally suited for large oil & gas generation and electrical power generators.


These extremely large 18 cylinder diesel engines, with their 78 liter displacement, are ideally suited for our drop-in billet compressor impeller.


By only changing the compressor impeller, in all six atmospheric turbochargers, a fuel economy gain of approximately 5-8% is achieved. 

Cummins QSK78 Fuel Savings
Holset NR Optimizer HX82 Upgrade for Cummins QSK78