Turbocharger Manufacturing

Large Frame 5 Axis Fan Blade Machining
Fan Blades 5 Axis Milling

Durability, Performance & Affordability are what drives our Turbocharger Team to set the bar above that of our competitors. 


Our compressor impellers and turbine impellers have been tried and tested in rally sports, circuit track racing, DTM racing, truck and tractor pulling and by large OEM manufacturers.


Our quality, price and lead-time are unmatched in the industry. Some of our turnaround times for new product runs are just 80 Days after order placement!


There is no reason, why your products' performance and characteristics have to be dictated by the technology, know-how and machinery other suppliers use to manufacture your turbocharger parts.


Don't settle for the rest; choose the best: NIAMA-REISSER, LLC.

CNC Programming

MasterCam is not the solution of choice to machine impellers. Not even with the add-on module that MasterCam supplies. No turbocharger manufacturer that programs CNC machines using MasterCam, is setup to tackle the impeller geometries of the future, cost effectively and technologically.


We set on Hypermill to machine the most demanding compressor impeller geometries in the industry, as well as our benchmark setting blades.


Not only the g-code software, but also the user know-how and general machining know-how play a vital role in choosing the right tooling, tool lengths (eliminate interferences), speeds and step overs. 


Setting up proper codes is the key to completing projects successfully, within budget and tolerance.

Top of the Line CNC Machines

Don't settle for Haas or self-made multi-axis CNC machines. Inferior quality, performance and durability are the result of having suppliers machine compressor impellers on OLD, manual to CNC converted, as well as 3 Axis machines that have had substantial add-ons added like a table, etc..


The impellers produced by such inferior machines are always hard to balance and have substantial turbulence on their blades, due to tool wear and chatter. 


The Turbo will be inferior!


NIAMA-REISSER, LLC on the other hand invested in DMG and other top of the line CNC machines that deliver a repeatable precision and accuracy of up to 0.0002".


Take a look for yourself.

Quality CNC Machining Center
DMG Precision Milling Center