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Since 2010, Niama-Reisser, LLC has been developing fan blade geometries for air cooled internal combustion engine impellers. Having worked closely with international tuners and aftermarket suppliers of performance racing parts, we expanded our mechanical engineering services into the design and development of custom products, for our clientele. By 2011, we had designed our own compressor impellers and forced air induction systems -twin charge systems-, in light of our proprietary diesel internal combustion engine --CHB.


Having acquired our first CNC manufacturing facility in late 2011, we began re-designing, optimizing and manufacturing, IN-HOUSE, for a wide range of customers.


Some of our performance turbocharger parts have entered into circuit racing, rally sport, drag racing and truck & tractor pulling.


We have also manufactured complete custom Twin Turbo kits for Lamborghini Diablos and Countachs.


Our turbo's ultimate power derived from a Twin Turbo 5.7 liter Lamborghini Diablo, made the fabled transmission's input shaft (Audi only bought Lamborghini, because of the transmission "know-how") running back alongside the passenger side engine block, sheer straight off,  before entering the differential housing. 


Do you need CAD data to modify my Turbo?

No, we do not. At a cost, we can deploy reverse engineering to digitize, what you already have.

I am a small shop, is it worth for me to invest in a custom turbocharger?

Of course. We don't charge excessive CAD and CAE hourly rates. Our parts generally add 25 HP - +300 HP over competitor products. Great for return on investment. 

What will prevent you from selling my impeller to somebody else?

We pride ourselves on professionalism and integrity. We have done work for some of the biggest names in the industry, but you won't hear anything from us or them about it.  Some of our Customers even grind our identification numbers off on the back of the impellers to obscure their origin- NR (NIAMA-REISSER, LLC).

Do you have a less expensive solution to delivering my custom designs and impellers?

Yes, we do! It depends what our clients want, but we can sell you our impellers without transferring any Copyright to you. Meaning, you can order them from us, but you won't be eligible to get them reproduced, reverse-engineered, or sourced from a third party. 

If you want to attain the CAD files and Copyright, than of course the cost will be significantly higher.